Benefits of Distillate Cartridges For Weed Pens

A Weed Pen is a device used to inhale the vapor produced by cannabis. The pen has a screw-in connection called 510-thread. These connections are standard and make it easy to switch parts between pens. A typical vaping sequence involves disconnecting the cartridge and inserting a dab or weed. Then, the pen will heat the weed or dab to produce an e-liquid.

Conduction heating

The method of heating used in a conduction weed pen is similar to that used in an oven to bake brownies. The vaporized flower or concentrate passes through a metal or glass container, which is heated by an electromagnet. This method is preferred by many users of vaporizers, since it doesn’t combust the material. Instead, each mouthful of vapor is evenly heated. Because of this, the terpenes are preserved, and the entire stash remains intact. This type of heating is favored by many weed enthusiasts.

Convection heating

The debate over conduction versus convection heating in a weed pen is raging in weed vape forums. While this article doesn’t set the record straight, it does explain the difference between the two types of heating in vaporizers. Conduction uses surface heat while convection uses hot air. Hybrid heating combines both methods. Its pros and cons are briefly described below.

Distillate cartridges

One of the most popular accessories for a weed pen is distillate cartridges. These are used to vaporize the distillate, which is the most popular method for consuming cannabis. Distillate cartridges can be used in a weed pen, a dab rig, or with a specialized dry herb vaporizer. Below, we will discuss the benefits of distillate cartridges for weed pens.


Weed 510 threading is an important consideration in selecting a vaporizer. While a regular vape pen is fine for everyday use, a 510 threaded vaporizer is more advanced. Its bottom airflow system makes it compatible with the majority of vape mods. A 510 threaded vaporizer will also last longer than a standard pen. You can choose a 510 threaded vaporizer with a magnetic adapter.

Battery life

A weed pen’s battery life is determined by the amount of time you use it. The average user will take a couple of drags an hour. An occasional vaper may only need to recharge the pen’s battery once a moon phase. In general, a weed pen’s battery lasts about three to five hours.

However, it will vary depending on the type and brand of weed pen you use.

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